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Welcome to the NEW Site!

We have been working diligently on this new website for the last couple of weeks and hope you find it useful and informative!  Our goal is to provide our buyers and sellers with the best possible online real-estate source in the area.  While some of the features you see are new, we have tried to keep things simple as well.

Some of the new features you will enjoy are:

Google Maps Integration:  You can now visually see where each listing is physically located.

Ease of Navigation:  We have tried to make our site even easier to navigate and locate your desired property.  You can use the quick searches at the top menu or create a custom property search query.

Social Media Integration:  You can now share properties on Facebook, Twitter, etc with the click of a button.  Sell your property faster by sharing it with the masses via social network.

Extended Property Details:  Our previous website had a static list of property details, while the new one empowers the agents to provide an even more descriptive list of listing features.

Ease of Communication:  You can easily communicate with agents and/or the company using our easy-to-use forms.

Mobile Friendly:  Our new site can be easily viewed in one column on most smart phones and tablet devices.

While these are just a few of the great new features on our website, please take a tour for yourself!

Best Regards and Happy Home Hunting!

The Mountain Real Estate Company